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Iorio RO

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Iorio RO   2005

A field guide of longhorned beetles from Argentina (Cerambycidae).

Iorio RO 2005: A field guide of longhorned beetles from Argentina (Cerambycidae). 22 x 16 cm. 192 pp., 74 colour plates, Bibliography, Softcover. The Argentinian longhorn beetle fauna has about 850 species of which 720 are illustrated in this fine book, the first of its kind. Many species are shown in serveral specimens to illustrate the colour variation. Also, if mal and female are different, both sexes are illustrated. All specimens are shown in natural size. Many of the species covered by the book has a wider distribution in South America and occur in Paraguay, Uruguay, South Brazil, Chile and Bolivia. The book reports of 30 species new to the Argentinian fauna, as well as 4 species new to science. The book will be an important identification tool for both amateurs as well as professional entomologists. The author is the leading authority on Argentinian Cerambycidae.