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Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, etc.

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Bauernfeind & Humpesch   2001

Die Eintagsfliegen Zentraleuropas (Ephemeroptera): Bestimmung und Ökologie.

Bauernfeind & Humpesch 2001: Die Eintagsfliegen Zentraleuropas (Ephemeroptera): Bestimmung und Ökologie. 239 S., 579 Abb. Format 19 x 27 cm, broschiert. Mit ausführlichen Bestimmungsschlüsseln.

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Bauernfeind & Soldán   2012

The Mayflies of Europe.

Bauernfeind & Soldán 2012: The Mayflies of Europe. Sonderangebot, statt 149,- € 781 pp, numerous colour photos and black and white illustrations. Hardback.
Among the various groups of aquatic insects mayflies (Ephemeroptera) are of especial interest for professional limnologists and entomological researchers as well as for naturalists in general and even the dedicated fly angler. Identification has traditionally been considered difficult and implementation in environmental monitoring and freshwater management has led to an ever increasing demand for exact information on taxonomy and ecology. The present handbook is designed to provide for the first time an up-to-date standard work for Ephemeroptera identification, including last instar larvae (nymphs), subimago (dun), male and female imagines. Recent changes in nomenclature are discussed in detail as well as gaps in current knowledge and probable pitfalls concerning the reliable identification of all taxa known so far from the region. Keys are provided for genera and introductory chapters characterize every family and genus. Species accounts follow a common format providing a synonymy, characters for identification (including literature references), remarks (on type material, variation, confusing or extralimital species) and short information on biology and distribution pattern. Male genitalia are illustrated by micrographs and line drawings, REM photographs of the egg chorionic structure are provided for genera and selected species. Habitus of larvae and imagines are for most genera illustrated by colour photographs. The geographical area covered is Europe including the European part of Russia, the mediterranean islands and North Africa. Short additional information is provided for adjacent parts of the western Palaearctic Region. A comprehensive index, check-list and distribution catalogue (following the widely adopted concept of Illies’ Limnofauna Europaean) allow for quick information on all species recorded so far from Europe. Contents: Abstract; Introduction; Key to the European genera (larvae); Key to the European genera (imagines); Check-list; Systematic treatment (family, genus, species); Distribution catalogue; Colour plates; Illustrations of male genitalia (b/w photographs or line drawings as available; Illustrations of eggs (REM-photographs); References; Index.

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Malicky H   2004

Atlas of European Trichoptera/ Atlas der Europäischen Köcherfliegen/ Atlas des Trichoptères d' Europe.

Malicky H 2004: Atlas of European Trichoptera/ Atlas der Europäischen Köcherfliegen/ Atlas des Trichoptères d' Europe. 2nd ed., 2004, XXVIII, 359 p. Hardcover. Originally published in the Series Entomologica. ebook-Version zu 237,99 € erhältlich.
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Moritz G   2006

Thripse. (Fransenflügler, Thysanoptera) Pflanzensaftsaugende Insekten, Bd. 1.

Moritz G 2006: Thripse. (Fransenflügler, Thysanoptera) Pflanzensaftsaugende Insekten, Bd. 1. Neue Brehm Bücherei, 663. 384 S.

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Neu, Malicky, Graf & Schmidt-Kloiber   2018

Distribution Atlas of European Trichoptera. Die Tierwelt Deutschlands, Teil 84.

Neu, Malicky, Graf & Schmidt-Kloiber 2018: Distribution Atlas of European Trichoptera. Die Tierwelt Deutschlands, Teil 84. 1579 full color distribution maps, 6 Figs., 891 pp. Hardcover 24x17,5cm
In 2005, during the "First Conference on Faunistics and Zoogeography of European Trichoptera" in Luxembourg, the idea for a distribution atlas of European caddisflies was discussed for the first time. All participants were enthusiastic about such a collection. Six years later - as part of the EU funded BioFresh project - we finally could start off to realise this idea. Since 2011, more than 630,000 occurrence records (about 450,000 adult data) of European caddisflies contributed by 83 Trichoptera experts and the authors have been compiled. In the present book, point records of caddisflies are illustrated on 1,579 maps and for the first time provide a comprehensive overview of the distribution patterns of European Trichoptera families, species and subspecies. These maps serve as a valuable base for future analyses, conservation and management priorities of this fascinating insect order. Note from the authors: The DAET data download through the Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal ( is currently being prepared. Until the data are published there, members of the DAET consortium and buyers of the book can request data directly at the authors. Please contact Peter Neu [].

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Sartori & Landholt   1999

Fauna Helvetica: Ephemeroptera. Atlas.

Sartori & Landholt 1999: Fauna Helvetica: Ephemeroptera. Atlas. 214 S., mit Verbreitung und Biologie. Text franz.

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Waringer & Graf   2011

Atlas der mitteleuropäischen Köchenfliegenlarven.

Waringer & Graf 2011: Atlas der mitteleuropäischen Köchenfliegenlarven. 448 S., über 600 Farbphotos, mit Bestimmungsschlüssel, Text: deutsch und englisch
Atlas of Central European Trichoptera larvae, 448 pp., more than 600 coloured fotos, with determination key, Text: German and English

Artikel-Nr: NS62
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Wichard & Wagner   2015

Die Köcherfliegen (Trichoptera). NBB512

4. überarb. und erweiterte Auflage, 180 S.