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Adis J   2002

Amazonian Arachnida and Myriapoda. Identification keys to all classes, orders, families, some genera, and lists of known terrestial species.

590 S., zahlr. Abb., 6 Farbtafeln. Offenbar das letzte Exemplar vom Verlag! Leider ist die Bindung nicht so gut wie der Preis es erwarten lässt...

Artikel-Nr: NN43
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Braunwalder ME   2005

Fauna Helvetica: Scorpiones.

Braunwalder ME 2005: Fauna Helvetica: Scorpiones. 240 S., 34 farb. Abb., 43 Fig. Text deutsch u. italienisch.

Artikel-Nr: NN100
Preis: 70,00 Euro

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British Arachnological Society   1973-1980

Bulletin, Vol 2 Heft 7,8,9; Vol. 4 Heft 4,5,6,7,8,9; Vol. 5 Heft 1-5. 14 Hefte, broschiert, sehr sauber.

Artikel-Nr: NN801
Preis: 29,90 Euro

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Kurka, Rezac, Macek & Dolansky   2019

Pavouci Ceske republiky.

Kurka, Rezac, Macek & Dolansky 2019: Pavouci Ceske republiky. Illustrated field guide of the spiders of the Czech Republic. 624 Pages , Hardcover. Text Czech.

Artikel-Nr: NN45
Preis: 78,00 Euro

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Mikhaljova EV   2004

The Millipedes (Diplopoda) of the Asian part of Russia.

Mikhaljova EV 2004: The Millipedes (Diplopoda) of the Asian part of Russia. 292 pp., 35 maps, 675 b/w figs, color photos, references, index, hardback. A complete synopsis of the millipede fauna of Asian Russia

Artikel-Nr: NN55
Preis: 68,00 Euro

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Nentwig W   1993

Spiders of Panama.

Biogeography, investigation, phenology, checklist, key and bibliography of a tropical spider fauna. Flora & Fauna Handbook No. 12, 274pp., 165 Abb., A5 softcover.
Vergriffen, letztes Exemplar, ganz leichte Lagerspuren. Sonderangebot, statt 98,00 €

Artikel-Nr: NN50
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Pedroli-Christen A   1993

Faunistique des Mille-Pattes (Diplopoda) de Suisse. Faunistik der Tausendfüsser der Schweiz.

167, LXII S., Text französisch und deutsch.

Artikel-Nr: NN16
Preis: 39,00 Euro

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Perez C   1997

Oribatei. Gymnonota I. Fauna Iberica 9.

376 S., 131 Abb.

Artikel-Nr: NN8
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Schmidt G   2003

Die Vogelspinnen. Eine weltweite Übersicht.

Schmidt G 2003: Die Vogelspinnen. Eine weltweite Übersicht. 383 S., 74 Farbfotos, 846 Abb. - Neue Brehm-Bücherei 641

Artikel-Nr: NN51
Preis: 15,00 Euro

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Stucki & Zaugg   2005

Fauna Helvetica 15: Decapoda.

56 S., 23 Abb., 3 Farbtafeln, 39 Tab., 8 Karten. Text français/deutsch.

Eine Darstellung des aktuellen Status der Krebsfauna der Schweiz sowie der Biologie und Verbreitung der vorkommenden Arten

Artikel-Nr: NN101
Preis: 95,00 Euro

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Weigmann G   2006

Die Tierwelt Deutschlands 76. Teil: Hornmilben (Oribatida).

520 S., 234 Abb.-gruppen, 8 Taf. mit REM-Photos. Includes a Family Key in English.
The last complete textbook of oribatid mites from Germany is 75 years old (Willmann 1931). This contribution deals with the identification of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) of Germany and the adjacent regions of the neighbouring countries. The keys comprise 84 families with more than 190 genera. About 520 species from German areas are described for which chorological and ecological data are given. Altogether about 620 species are treated including those which have been found up to now in the adjacent regions, only.
The keys are illustrated by 234 tables with informative line drawings. The appendix presents a family key in English, additionally. The book is essential for taxonomists and ecologists dealing with Centraleuropean oribatid mites.

Artikel-Nr: NNA28
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Weygoldt P   2000

Whip Spiders (Amblypygi): Biology, Morphology and Systematics.

Weygoldt P 2000: Whip Spiders (Amblypygi): Biology, Morphology and Systematics. 163 S., 302 Abb. Hardback. Umfassend! Whip spiders (Amblypygi) can be large and terrifying animals with strong, raptorial pedipalps and long antenniform first legs that can produce a span of as much as 60 cm. Others are small and scarcely span 5 cm. They all lead a secretive nocturnal life and are extremely dangerous to other arthropods and small vertebrates. In contrast to spiders and scorpions, they are of no commercial, economic or medical importance and they are difficult to study in the field because of their nocturnal habits.

Artikel-Nr: NM34
Preis: 159,00 Euro

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Zettler & Zettler   2017

Marine and freshwater Amphipoda from the Baltic Sea and adjacent territories. DieTierwelt Deutschlands 83. Teil

Zettler & Zettler 2017: Marine and freshwater Amphipoda from the Baltic Sea and adjacent territories. DieTierwelt Deutschlands 83. Teil geb., 845 Seiten, 533 Abb., Verbreitungskarten. Sprache: Englisch.